Spider Man 3

although it only showed a small glimps of venom...he looks so tight!!!! !amazed !amazed !amazed
yeah definitely gonna see it. Looks pretty good and has a bunch of different enemies too which is cool. Not sure about the videogame, it looks ok but ive been disappointed by spiderman games in the past.
venom will rock, i wonder if carnage will be in one, carnage (if you dont know) is like venom, but red and skinny
I am bit more mercenary than the rest of you. All I am thinking is that all my copies of Amazing Spiderman #300 is gonna skyrocket, baby.
Carnage is venom's 'son'. And the strongest villain Spider-Man has faced when Carnage mutated with Dr.Octopus. And I think he will be seen in one film later...hope so.