Sapphire Radeon 1950XT Up for grabs.


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I replaced this card for the HIS 1950 XTX. For those of you thinking SLI 8800GTXs, maybe on my next build. Although rumor has it that the new ATI card (all by it self) will put SLI to shame.

Any ways, Im selling off the XT and before doing the whole craigs list or ebay thing I'd offer it up to the club first.

Here are the details for it.

Let me know if youre interested and we'll work it out. 8)
If youre curious about the price I'll send you a PM. Already did to those of you that asked. I'll keep it around for about a week or so. Maybe a bit longer.

As far as quality goes, I went from a xfx 6800gt and performance doubled. So with a 2.6ghz pc with 2gigs of ram:
6800gt : 30-50 avg frames per second
1950xt : no less than 70-120
Battlefield 2:
6800gt : 30-60 avg
1950xt : maxed out at 99fps with an occasionl dip into the 60s.
6800gt : 20-40 depending on size of server. (smaller the better)
1950xt : 60-90 "
Snag, the XTX is almost as loud as a hair dryer. You WILL need Ati tool to control the fan speed better as well as the heat it generates and the noise.
With stock fan settings for the xtx the card idles in the 70c range and under load 75-85c range. HOT! Keeps my feet warm at night and also keeps the room in the 70s farenheight

Ati tool keeps it in check with some tweaking to 48c idle in 2d mode and around 70-81c under load and quiet with the fan speed at around 50% idle and 69-89% max.

The 1950xt, pretty quiet under load and stays alot cooler than the xtx with just about the same high performance level as the xtx keeping better frame rates in servers with the maximum amount of players on a server. Settings for both all maxed out.
i only have half a gig of ram xD

Me too, I really need to upgrade my comp :(
i only have half a gig of ram xD

That sucks man,but ram is cheap nowadays.

I just uprgraded to 2 gigs recently and the differance is pretty big,i couldn't go back to 1 gig again.

I'd love to have a 1950XT but i'm still on AGP plus i just got a 7800GS which i love to bits.

Anyway i'm sure you'll get it sold at a good price.
you can post a price also, but i don't think i am allowed to buy ebay stuff, parents are very strict with buying stuff from online auctions
Spent most of the cash today on spoiling my daughter with stuff lol. Am pretty close to getting the new ati card. Still have my HIS 1950 xtx 512 mb ddr4 if you're interested. $370

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