[poll] Shed in Donner


A wall was recently added to restrict access to the top of the Shed in Donner. I was wondering what you guys thought of the change.

Personally, I think the shed made the game more fair. Allied snipers can hide in the small room and shoot at people approaching the field, as well as players across the map. Axis snipers used to have the same advantage. Also, allied players can nade the axis mgs from safety with over nades. Axis players have to get past snipers and expose themselves to the mg before throwing a nade.

I think it's easier to retake the field as an allied player then as an axis player. It's almost impossible if Bigdaddy has a sniper rifle! What do you guys thing?

I don't play a huge amount of Donner, but anything to stop spawn shooters and to make the game more even is great.
ive seen people on top of the shed but they just covered the allies entrance to the field but i didnt see people shooting into the spawn but i could see that happening
If there was a way to stop the spawn attacking element, then bring back the old shed I say, was great before they made the restriction
Never saw anyone shoot into spwan from that postion, but I'm a meh on this one. Never really ever went up there to begin with. Not a big MG type person and I would never snip up there to open for me.
Well at least i know why people complain about the way i used to play, but i dindt know u could shoot into allied spawn
if the couls make it more fair for the allies to shoot the axis on it and they made another wall to stop ppl shooting ppl in the spawn then i would like it!!
Well at least i know why people complain about the way i used to play, but i dindt know u could shoot into allied spawn

they did this because of people spawn camping the allies, you have nothing to do with this, so dont sweat so much lol. also people would jump in the tree which is a no no. just get in there and have some fun :) thats the most important part
The spawn should be protected, but, I've always thought in terms of reality. Meaning, did troops from either side ever use a rooftops for an advantageous position? Surely they did at some point...so as long as an advantage is not a map exploit, I'm fine with it and I think that it's totally fair. Shed top, or climbing into the tree for a better position seem like a normal and natural thing.
I never got on the top of the shed, but I thought mgs lasted longer up there. Is there a way to protect the spawn and keep people out of the tree without blocking the shed?

I remember in caen that people in the trees were impossible to see.
It's very difficult (nay impossible) to set up some sort of wall to stop people from shooting into the spawn due to the limitations of ripENTing maps.

With regards to reality, they of course wanted the best advantage to get each other, but then again, there aren't spawn points in reality!
I've been shot in spawn before I didn't know how so if that was how they where doing it I like wall.