hey all

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hey whats up everybody i was just sayin hey to everyone im sure ive played with a few of u a couple of times and im just now trying to get into the clan so hopfully ill be playing with everyone alot in the future.
Yeah dude this is exactly what you should do, start posting and get to know everyone. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Thats always a great place to start but most importantly be mature and follow the rules. Oh yeah and definitely definitely have a great time doing it ^-^
Hi. You are a pretty good player, and it was fun playing with you. We should be on the same team next time. See you on the server.
Yeah...I will, when i start my masterplan ^^ Been training today har on mg, sniper and assault and support classes, oh an rifleman ^^
hey man ive played with ya you are mature and follow the rule. And to top that off a great player at this game. just keep posting and playing and enjoy the community and im sure you well get in im rootin for ya
haha thats like the second time uv said that mac. thanks man im rooting for me to haha go figure. ya i like playin with u its just tons of fun playin on the server with everyone w/o all the annoying angry ppl and ppl cussing and not following the rules all the time.
bring it on blazing heat. im ready fo ya suckaaaaaaa. u can train with ur mag ill snipe u. u can train with u sniper.um ill snipe ya haha. hope u got better man i could use a little competition again u.. haha jk man its fun playing with u tho.
Yea...I'm having bad days right now...need to train on assault again ^^ Don't worry, u just use sniper and I'll kill you with a knife...j/k ^^
haha ya ive been playing bad the past 2 days to its been frustrating oh well things will turn around. if i wasnt playin on eGO server i would be really mad but its fun even when ur goetting pwned. haha
well,blazing heat, it doesnt matter if youve been practicing on support because ill assault all over you. and crone you might get me with your sniper rifle when i jump in the air to throw that nade thats gonna explode about the time it hits you in the face
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