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when i got steam, i had almost no problem playing it....sometimes it wouldnt connect, instead it would freeze..but now it will freeze in game, almost as soon as i start, if i get in that is. i updated my vid card driver around the time it started freezing, but it still lets me play occasionally. when it freezes and i get it closed, my comp goes to the blue error screen.

i dont know much at all about computers, and i know alot of you do, so anything that can get it back to where i can play w/o it freezing would be GREAT.


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So that we can help you out more, we need some of your system info.

Go to Start -> Run, then type Dxdiag

When the window pops up, tell us what it says for Processor, Operating System, and Memory.
Under the Display tab, tell us the information under Name and Total Memory.

What resolution are you running the game at?

One thing that I've found to help me is to type, in the console, cl_smooth 0 You can either type that each time you play the game, or save it under one of the config files.


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processer: pentium 4 - 2.80GHz
os: xp home edition 5.1
memory:510MB ram
directx 9.0c

-RADEON 9600
-Approx ttl memory: 128.0 MB
-main driver ati2dvag.dll
-version 6.14.0010.6677
-date: 3/2/2007

reg disp res 1152x864
game disp res 1024x768

anything else i'll be more than willing to get it

thanks again


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ask artimus or kendle they're techies


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try and update/reinstall direct x? do all the windows updates also. i have a radeon 9800 pro 256mb, and i have trouble running the game....


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My guess would be that you may not have enough ram for both pc and vid card.

If you have any errors reported on your dxdiag, the only way to fix that is if you reinstall windows.

Do you get the same issue playing other games, older ones?


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My guess would be that you may not have enough ram for both pc and vid card.


His RAM and G-Card is fine, I have the same stuff and they run at ~40 fps.

Make sure that all your texture details are set to low, otherwise it might start freezing. The BSOD (blue screen of death) could mean that something is failing, what is the error it gives when it crashes? If it is STOP then it might be your HDD is dying (has happened to me before).


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i had no issue playing anything else...i still play classic daily...

i dont remember what the bsod(lol) said...if it happens again ill post it