Snowboarders v. Skiers circa 1985

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Thats right john, we are dangerous, and smart alex's. There only soo much room up on those moutains...and we will take it by force if necessary...
I still have a "Burton Free 5" in my garage (older than in that video). They were the same way in Minnesota with us about snowboarding. Now there are snowboard only, "no skier parks." %-6

Funny video, I like the old guy trying to explain "ITS A MISSLE"
Artimus and I are now riding Arbor boards. His is the Element and I ride the A-Frame.

Our first boards were junk, but not from that era, they were just cheap.
Belive it or not Mammoth still has snow, people just quit comming. They had a record year for snowfall.
Omg, I think i met that old guy yesterday! I was talking about snowboarding with some of my friends and this random old dude started popping off about how snowboarders are young punks and shouldn't be allowed on the mountain.

I was so amazed that I would be included in the young punk category. I wanted to thank him, but decided to just let him grumble.
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