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Well i went on vacation this week for my spring break and bunnies thought that it would be cool if we would meet up and chill for a while... Well to our surprise it happened! It was a warm Friday around 80 degrees in st.petes beach, FL and bunnies had come from his home in northern Florida. We were going to meet half way but then my parents and I thought why not have him come and stay for 4 or so hours... Of course bunnies was worried about the gas and paying so we insisted on paying for his trip... He is a glimpse of our meeting

1st met :

flying my wicked sweet kite... :
So how did you introduce him to your parents, "Hi, this is my friend Bunnieslovespanties" ??

It's kind of cool when you can meet someone you've played on a server with for so long. Hope it develops into a good friendship.
Err...i'll keep the visitings at bay, that would be really akward.... so dye..(uhh...my name is tyler, dont call me dye please) ohh sorry...err.....i hear you play Dod...(yup) ohh..ok...welll...(ima go play, cya) Wow Dye! ur so coool! i wishi could be just like you! bye best friend! (...Gee thanks... friggin molesters always tryin to get me !sad )
wow i never knew bunnies looked like that or that you oneshot looked like that huh
You guys make a cute couple together LOL makes me want to swim over the giant pond and throw my arms around Bane really cool you guys met 8)

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