A glimpse of Dye


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Ya well, i saw the pics of Oneshot, and Bunnies posted on here, so i thought i would let you all see me too, just cuz im bored... so yeah... Post your pic thread!

This is with my bestfriend and his family and also mine. We were stayin at our condo in Grand Cayman and like chillin. lol, feel free to make fun of me. Most of you prolly think im some person with no life and not 15 haha Wooo


Thats what 6 years of wrestling and ju-jitsu gets ya boys, maybe i can show you a few tricks
i guess yeah, a meter is like 3.3 yards so around there

I have to stay fit man, when im not playin Dod or Gw im in ju-jitsu or wrestling tryin to look good for my girl
Nah but I do martial arts, Ive done karate, tai kwon do and kendo, had a blast at kick boxing in uni last term too, now that was fun, even though i got a bit of pasting !
no pics of me, the pics are of nothing, and i like football and hockey, i like hockey cuz i can check people :)
I would like tp post myself, but i aint as buff as u guys are so yea

lol get workin!

I fight alot..like alot, so i dont do my triceps, and makes me look like i have a small arm,(then people are dumb and are like...derr. hes small i can whoop him) then i flex my bicep and looks like i have a softball on top of a watermellon in my arm, lol its sweet
oh yeah dye that sure looks like a softball on a watermelon, if they were microscopic lol
Anyone here wrestle?

yah i have wrestle... our school was the best in our province and we oly had 9 elementary kids fighting and other schools had like 20 elementary kids fighting and we still won i got gold in all out province WOOOOT
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what weight class were u cause iw as a 171 pound wrestler and i think i can take u :p lol i will have to post a pic

157 class, Im the captain lol, first time in Avon High School history that a freshman is a captain. My season this year i was 18-3 and placed 2nd in state and won regionals :)

Wrestling and ju-jitsu are my life.......and Dod lol