bah Garry's mod :\


I made one post
Hey I just bought garry's mod and i open it up and try to start a single player game and i wait for the load screen to go by and once its done, bam. I get some C++ error. i got no clue what that means so i restarted garrys mod and set all the graphics to Low. (my comps not that great so i figured that was the problem) but the same thing happened.

This pisses me off alot seein how i just threw $10 out the window for something i cant even play. any help?
Ummm.....I have no idea, i dont think that Gmod really demands to much of graphics. Maybe you should reinstall?
I tried to reinstall but the same thing happened. Its weird when it installs though. instead of starting at 0 it starts at 95% both times.
Starting at 95% is fine (most of the files are from the source shared content).

Post a support ticket at Steam, they could probably help you more.
:D i fixed it. it turns out that my Norton antivirus was blocking some files it needed. So ive been messing around with it all day. its pretty cool if you need to kill some time.