1000th =(eGO)= Punch kill winner


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Sadly it was not either Toothpaste or Dye Matrix or Hugo or even BigBird. It was trujive. It was on wher 2nd flag when i jumped down from the balcony into the smoke and laid my fist to his face. TY to all the victims who made this possible. Next goal is to beat slayr's 9,000+ punch kills.
update on my lies... i didnt take into account when the stats update... I'm actually at 1,130 kills which means somebody else was 1000... i dont remember doing 130 more kills with my fist. This means i did about 150 punch kills in 24 hours. trujive is off the hook. AQUAFRESH SHALL BE NUMBER 2000 OR MY NAME DOES NOT MAKE THE LADIES HOLLA.
yeah i have punched slayr a few times too beleive it or not but i have killed him than he has killed me on donner woot!

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