After entering a server on DOD


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Whenever i start a game and connect to the server, the game always and i mean always minimizes. I can;t seem to find out the problem. The game still lays find, but i get really annoyed by the fact i have to see it minimize everytime i try to play DOD. so if any1 can help resolve this, it be really helpful
hmmm lets see, go to and look if other people had the same problem
i had this problem....i updated my vid card driver and the catalyst control center (ati 9800 pro 256mb) and steam help found a program that was "running in the background" causing the game to minimize. i haven't had the problem recently...
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yeah try updating your video card drivers!

k, ut i have to ask my brother, i am not a good with whats inside a computer
to update your video card drivers all u have to do is go to the manufacters website and the should have a link to download the drivers then all you have to do is install them on your computer
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If you know what video card it is i can link you if you really need that much help.

i'm really bad with wat a computer is made of and dont worry outbreak, i'll ask my brother, he fixes computer for fun and free