Bring Back The Story Thread...

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Unlock that thing. I was laughin the hole way threw if anything start another section just for that type of spam crap that I love..
Loved the story boys. you made my mornin
Well, we would have it back if we didnt have people spamming it, but either way, if you are contadicting an administrator, please do it in a PM. Thanks. Didnt do anything wrong, just letting you know, lol dont want to feel like the big bad jerk guy
he wasn't the one(s) spaming it was me and death... thats why the locked the thread, that why they made a post about spam, and thats why you are all mad at us now :(
Rockstar u didn't do anything
I have news for you, the three word story post is not going to happen again, if it does, it will be locked.... and the maturity and clan status of whomever starts it will be questioned.

Let me repeat.... spam is anything that is useless with no value. Three words in a post done over and over is spam. If any of you can't recognise that, then there is a problem.

If you really want to do something like this, start one in yahoo groups and go there, but don't do it here.

This thread is locked, please don't start one again on this subject, it's getting old really fast.
Not open for further replies.

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