Your most skilled DoD kill?

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What would you say your most skilled kill ever was?

Mine would be when someone ran passed me while I was standing in a doorway, they were quite far away and I fired one shot with my thompson and it was a headshot luckily enough and they fell to the floor :)
I have no idea, i would say when i was on ava and Hugo, Gary, and Jones were on allies and i was sniping on axis. I was in my spot and Hugo popped out and i gave him one to the forehead, then gary ran out that window to the 2nd flag and i shot him in mid air. Saw that a sniper was laying down in the window so i went to V-Crack and it was Jones and put a hole in his head. I was all, im the shiz. But then hugo killed me cuz i was celebratin lol
mine would be on ava i was allied and there was smoke and confusion under neath the arch. I jumped down closer to first killed a few and then with 10 bullets left or so i ran through the smoke with my fist and took out about 4 or 5 people. I proceeded into wine cellar to finish the rifleman and sniper camping there with my fist and then finished the clip on one guy coming down wine cellar. Few camp kills after that but those werent as fun as that quick sprint through the smoke
on ava i was axis sniper, killed two guys with one shot and did this again in the same day :)
[/quote1176903490]I've done that before on Ava but it was on another server.
Ive had a few good ones, but recently on donner i saw somebody capping the axis first, so i sprinted out of the cafe where i had cover and shot blindly to our second and the player happened to run straight into my rocket. It was a good 70 yard rocket too, I was so pumped up.
well last night i keeped up like 1.3 kd ratio with laptop touchpad with allied rifle and most of the people probably knows that i play axis and switch teams if they are not even

not the most skilled but luckiest was axis rifle: running(sprinting) out from the axis 1st flag to mid saw a black thing in the air stop and shot a bullet to a guy jumped from the window at allied 2nd at headshot lol:D
Either same as JMAN's or the bazooka 25 kill with one rocket in some odd map :) (went to a teleport, saw bunch of people, fired, and 25 kills xD)
Yeah, other one good I had is 5 kill ava on axis 2nd, threw nade there, and there were 5 axis beating each other with spades xD
Id have to say the most skilled shot I took was when I was an axis sniper on donner and shot through the window on the bottom of the allied sniper house and killed 3. 1 shot 3 kills. I think one guy was mg'in from there and 2 snipers were behind him or something. Oh I have to mention the 2 in a row 1 shot 2 kills with no scope. That was pretty unbeliveable.
The best skilled shot i did (i think) was when there was an MG and a snoiper enemy waiting for me to come out from the corner, i had a sniper and just side stepped and killed them both on a single bullet just because the sniper is behind the MG
It's a tie: 1: I killed a whole group of players with a well timed grenade [Around 7 people.. dunno why they were so clumped] 2: It must have been lined up [This was in the original DOD, not DODS, I dunno if it would still work in the updated dod or dods] but a ground level sniper shot bagged me 3
I killed my first guy with a smoke grenade on donner today. I had shot him down to 2 health in tank house with a BAR, so i switched to thompson and nailed him with a smoke grenade in tank house after i respawned. I was so pumped it was actually an =(e)= named 1 shot that I killed.