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Ok guys, im saving up for a nice system for my car, im going to be driving an 07 Saturn Sky, so its a compact car. I'm well aware of JL Audio for its performance and reliability but are there very many others? I want to make a smart decision on this so i figured ot ask the clan so yeah. Need some opinions on brands and also the boxes, so help meh out por favor


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I put a 10w3v2 sub in a custom box in my trunk and pointed the speaker straight down. When I crank something with a lot of bass the thing pumps so much air that the radiator support shakes. Now, i'm not sure if that's a plus for JL or a minus for Ford but it's gotta mean something.

A lot of my friends use JL as well, and they'd agree with me when I say they're worth the money.
well i used to have 2 JL w3's and they def are worth the price but i sold them when i left for boot camp, last week i was looking for some more JL's but i couldn't find any car audio shops around little rock so i went to best buy and bought a 12" alpine type R with a MTX amp and the alpine hits way harder than my JLs ever did, its kinda pricey especially if you really want 2 subs, it'll prob run you around $600 just for the speakers and box but alpines are def worth the price!
ive got a pair of 10" alpine type r's, and they hold up great. Less expensive then JL by far. Id go with alpine because number one, there cheaper, and number two, great quality. Mind you, I do have JL speakers tho, haha.
lol yea 2 12s will make anything rattle my 04 caviler shakes so bad i mine as well take out my mirrors cuz i cant use them at all
I have 1 10" MTX sub with an MTX amp an Alpine deck in my civic hatchback and that pumps pretty good. I test drove a chevy xtreme with 2 12" massive subs and that was freakin insane i think my brain was rattling. massives are pretty expensive but worth the extra money. In a Saturn Sky pretty much anything will work tho cuz its so compact
Well, sounds like ill need some ear plugs, lol.. My brother had 3 15" JL Audio subs and along with speakers to go in his GTO, ....O....M...G he had to get plexi windows because the last windows cracked and the back window shattered. He goes to Tuner shows and enters it in, hes put abunch more into it but he moved out awhile ago and havent seen em in about 2 months.
welll i dont think i will be placing a 10,000 watt home theater system in my car..

But i am looking into some dual alpines

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