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EGO Is My Life!
i been laggy for about 1 month now and im tierd of it i can barly play im wondering what it is. is it my graphics card? or something my ping/latency is about 80 which is good thats with no lag and with lag its just when the server has more ppl i get laggy. i have a crappy Graphics card. anywway i have no clue any help??
Try typing cl_smooth 0 in the console before you play each time, or you can save it in one of the config files.

It's worked for me in the past.
I had the same problem back when i played the original DoD after it swiched over to steam I would lag like hell. Try lowering the game resolution to like 800x600 or even lower if that doesnt work. It worked for me.
try and refresh/power cycle you cable modem (or whatever modem you have) and "repair" your internet connection. use spybot, lavasoft, and virus check, and close any programs not being used to free up memory. that's the best advice i can give homie

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