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I know this may sound strange to some of you but eGO is much more than a clan, it's a family. We aren't just a bunch of guys who play DoD together, we are all great mates and this network of people are some of the nicest I've ever met. So remember eGO's not just a clan, we are a family and I'm [b]very [/b]proud of it.
It's much appriciated to hear these things from the clan members who hold eGO togeether. And you are right, its not so much of a clan, more of a family
I've lost count of how many threads are like this, so many people express this opinion time and time again, and I always reply that I agree with that 100%.
lets make it an army to go destroy other clans muahahaha or we could hang around being a family
This clan ROCKS!!! It is very fun to play with them all the time. And like DEATH said...lets go become an army and destroy other clans!!! Together! x)
okay if you mean destroy them in DoDS yes otherwise i rather not go out destroying clans, i dont think that would be a wise idea...
glad to be a recruit everyone seems like a stand up guy (or girl if any) and hope to be worthy of the G some day

other than that what do the stars mean under our name

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