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I'm not sure if this hasbeen posted otherwise, but here in California, there's an attempted "VT Massacre" over here. The gunman said that the one he will do will only make the VT look "mild". Since living in CA i am feeling very nervous cuz he's targeting any1 and u never know where he might end up. I just can't believe the VT masssacre started a chain reaction, from Virginia to Texas and now here in CA. I just wan to raise awareness of him, so any1 can be ready.

Btw, my friends thought it wuldbe funny for us to have the right to bear arms. I was like, dude, if you have a gun, i might have a gun, my teacher might have one, maybe even a dog. If a gunman comesin you shoot him cuz then other people would stat shooting, and then we have a trigger happy moment.
Yeah I heard about that its a shame. Here in Pa there was 3 rival schools saying they were going to shoot it out etc and the cops found a stash of weapons outside of one of the schools last friday, its crazy.
Well here in Australia we have no violence, terrorists or anything of that kind. Our six o clock news is pretty much all American stuff. The only thing Aussie about our news is the reporters. I feel safe here. We are too far away from everyone to be bombed! Lol.
i say we all take a trip to Australia!!! lol then after everyone is done with the whole shooting deal we can go back and own America! :) lol
i like canada because its hard to get handguns which is a good thing because they no use other that fun so im not scarde of getting shot ANYWHERE in canada!!!!
Yeah I took a trip to canada with my dad for some good fishing and one of the guys we met told us that the most dangerous city in Canada (I think he said Montreal) would have been like the 6th safest in America.
Yah one of the problems is how easy it is to get a weapon Im still for the Right to Bear Arms but there should be more protection against guns getting into the wrong people hands.
I live in Canada as well, and we don't seem to have the amount of trouble as the US does, but we still have some trouble with it.

It's almost impossible to get a gun legitamately without having a permit. But you still could get it from the streets if you really wanted one.

Anyways CANADA rules!

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