Hopefully a solution to weapon whining


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Ive seen a lot of threads about ppl whining or complaining about wanting a sniper in game while some noob has it or something. and im pretty SICK OF THAT !grr ...so anyways, i found some links that make your kar and m1 garand look like snipers sort of. They have red dot sights and the only thing i didnt like about them was that they changed my sounds, but its all good.

heres the link for the M1


and the KAR


Scroll down the page and you will find a DOWNLOAD link thing
the Kar sniper jsut have a scope. Same goes for springfield. THe snipers only have an extended view but are really bad at non-scoping
If anyone whines for a particular weapon in the game, just tell them first come first served. If it is an eG or eGO that is doing the whining, then it is very immature. Don't do it.
I like, just play thegame with no mods and own
Same without the owning part....
I have only my own skins upstairs...this new comp...none.
you have to get a rar archiver. Here's the info and their site at the bottom. It is a pay archiver.

[link=hyperlink url]

they should be winzip


...Back on-topic:

These skins are nice! I don't really know when I'll use them though, I like using the sprin over anything.

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