hello every 1

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yea well im on the comp talkn to my gf. she aint got much to say lol and i got bak from golfing i got to practice alot
Bah, golfing. I do so good on the driveing range, but once i get on the course, its all downhill. Then is all about the carts and how much you can abuse then without destroying them completly....
Anyway, Lonz you could you consider posting without making a new topic every time, lol j/k.
I've got nothing to do right now..the clock is 01.06 ^^ So off to sleep I am.
ya blazing heat i kno what u mean man theres nothing to do right now and im about to hit the sack myself. Maybe ill catch ya early on the server again when nobody else is on like this morning for a little man to man? u down playa
Morning here, hope we meet soon Crone, it's payback time.
Anyway I've got something to do now, trying to get a game fixed...trying it in a half an hour or so..still got some stuff to do on the internet.
missed u this morning on the server blazing heat. actually no one was on the server. maybe ill see you tonight or tomorrow morning. cya around
I sure hope so. Anyway clock 0.24 I might try one of the games I did not get to work on this comp (upstairs, I play on downstairs) cause here it works.
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