Ava is still the map to beat

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So it looks like Avalanche is still the most popular map. I took off colmar and jagd and the server filled up.
I love Flash and Ava. Also, the one with the river, church, and sewers is a pretty fun one too (though I don't know the name). That rotation would be pretty sweet.
We need to do a rotation on the weekends at the very least. Maybe we can do admin's choice on the weekend keeping ava as a default.

The main thing right now tho is to build a community in our server. We get people we know playing and they will hang around if we do a rotation.
Tell ya the truth, i dont care what map it is, people just usually join cause they see the amount of people in there =P


So the server was full today and I started spamming how great Colmar was as a map and that we were going to do a rotation weekend. As soon as I switched to Colmar the number of players went from 26 to 7 and stayed at 7 for about half an hour. Tthen I switched it back to Ava and it began to fill again.
Would maybe having only select maps in the maplist.txt and then every once in a while throwing out a map vote on the weekends help?
The percentage to win a map change vote has to be really high to keep the server from emptying.
We need to build a community that will stay and play other maps....

I don't want to just play ava all the time.
ava is good and fun.. but other maps are better like colmar and jagd (colmar>jagd).. dont kno why everyone leaves if u switch from ava to something else...
I'm starting to get very tired of Avalanche. I'd love to play Kalt and Flash every now and then too. I think they're pretty popular, so you shouldn't have as much of a problem with people leaving. In fact, I think a lot of people would be glad to get away from avalanche. They may stay in the server longer.
well, when you are in server you can ask people if they want to play another map....see what they say. Maybe we can get them used to the idea :)
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