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i hear on the servers some times about guys camping, i don't really see a problem with it
You can't camp in A CAPTURE AND HOLD GAME... like DOD
Camping is unique to Death Match style games with spawning weapons and ammo.. ( like Quake ! )
Killing everything that gets close to the w or a...
Or sitting on re spawn spots, and killing the re spawner's.
Hence Camping ( pitching a tent and waiting )
Defense is not camping...
that's my opinion...
i don't camp cuz i gotta keep those pesky Americans outta my apartments, they're so run down now ill never get any tenants after Germany wins this war
Whenever I camp, I die. Even when I'm sniping, I am always moving around. I'd rather find people then people find me.
yeah camping is legal on our server, read the admin guide...

what he said
Death, if you read the admin guide, camping is legal on this server. No discussion, no poll, it is allowed.

Thread locked.
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