haha i almost peed myself...


EGO Zealot
this is what happened when i just said hey to Stringman today:
=(eGO)= JMAN: woot solitaire
Stringman: u ***
=(eGO)= JMAN: :(
Stringman: i just kidding
=(eGO)= JMAN: fine then i'll just leave eGO
Stringman: have fun
Stringman: jk
Stringman: lol
JMAN: happy
JMAN: i hope your happy now
JMAN: u have to tell JohnT
Stringman: sure sure sure
JMAN: not lieing
Stringman: please brother what life would u live without me and ego
JMAN: Happy life
Stringman: sure
JMAN: yeah no more playing so much
Stringman: huh
JMAN: i don't have to worry about keeping my spot
Stringman: what spot
JMAN: in admin and what now
JMAN: not*
Stringman: u love me too mch to leave
JMAN: I wouldn't say that
JMAN: its gonna be hard to leave bane though
JMAN: he was fun to play with
Stringman: whatever i am going to cry now
JMAN: no ur not u don't care about me
JMAN: so yeah
JMAN: Tec and everyone is gonna be mad at u
JMAN: all the hard work the fellow eGOs did to get me to eG all wasted
JMAN: because of you
JMAN: And slayr conviced the council to let me into eGO
JMAN: fine stop talking to me, make me feel even worse
JMAN: fine i'm gonna go
=(eGO)= JMAN: i'll put my tag back on though cuz i was just messing
=(eGO)= JMAN: hahahahahahahahahaha

lol it was so funny :D :D but i know he will get me back soon !dodge
ok guys i thought it was funny and you guys should hear about it, there is no need to spam though! and i was just messing around i would never leave eGO :) and yeah Dye after seeing that a while back i wanted to get someone just like you did