Stanley Cup Playoffs

So the Canucks knocked off Dallas tonight WHOO HOOO! !amazed
Vancover faces Anaheim on Wednesday night
Who is your fav team and who do you think is going to win?
Canucks for the cup!!! !lol
Anaheim will win the cup this year...Selänne deserves it...and Canucks will lose :) Sad that Flames didn't make it...Kiprusoff had 53 saves on last game.

Next pairs:
Rangers - Sabres
Canucks - Ducks
Senators - Devils
Sharks - Red Wings
I think Ducks, Devils, Sharks and Rangers will continúe.
Then don't post here...negativity isn't allowed.. *pauses* Oh, ok :)

My 2 fav players in each position:
Sidney Crosby and Peter Forsberg
Jaromir Jagr and Teemu Selänne
Brendan Shanahan and Paul Kariya
Scott Niedermayer and Chris Pronger
Miikka Kiprusoff and Dominik Hasek
Booo @ Hockey

same but i wouldn't say boo i just don't watch it as much
sorry guys...its new jersey this year. they will beat san jose in the final.

The problem with San Jose being in the finals is that they would have to beat Detroit, which just isn't going to happen.

Another issue, New Jersey is going to lose to Ottawa (that's right, I said it) in 6 or 7 games.
Canucks are gonna win with luongo because he makes the team. the canucks are idiots sometimes but are pulling together now. anaheim is a very physical not mental team which the canucks well be able to handle no doubt sorry blazin its the canucks this year!
Macaroni you nailed it
Canucks with Luongo are going to take the cake
Hopefully Cooke gets back in the lineup soon
I think the Canucks are gonna take Anaheim in 5 games
Stanleys coming to Vancouver this year fellas Its Our Turn!
yeah the stanley cup is for canaidians we invented the game and americans are like oh thats cool lets take over it... but yeah i dunno when matt's comin back in they say its day by day but w/e canucks are gonna win tonight because its a canaidian GAME EH!