victim k:d ratio

Rogue Sniper

EGO Is My Life!
yeah ive noticed on some people that ive killed that some ratios have been 240 : 1 or 178 : 1

why is it off cause i know i haven't killed the same person 240 times with out them killing me more than 100 times (im not that good yet)

is it just cause it reads it wrong or something
I think it has been started over so many just get's a little score I had against a player who was not afk is actually 77:4 with yeah.
yeah lol w00t 240 : 1 that looks good on a resume

k cause i mean i played on a server on the old DoD and their stats were dead on but i guess that was easier for old DoD than source
nah sorry but it said i killed some one 240 times but only in my wildest dreams could i have 240:1 k:d ratio of killing some1

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