new mani on eGO servers


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I was wondering why are you running 1.10zk on the server when you could run the new one which is 1.2R which give full admin members the option to add admins and a few other little things....anyways id be able to help install or tell you how to install it
but you probably know how.


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1.2 r's basic new addition is adding admins and people to the immunity list ingame... i just thought itd be nice for artimus,Johnt,Kendle and all the other members of the council toadd admins ingame


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Thanks mac. we are aware of the update and i think there are some tech issues we hare having with the new version. We have a really good isp interface through DGX where we can add users at will. I think at some point we will get the new version of mani up.


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Deacon and myself spent a good evening trying to install the new one to find out it would not execute due to a poor release of the linux server at the last update.

Since then, there have been numberous betas of the linux server, and I am sure it would more than likely work now. Its more of a time issue of locking down the server(s) and testing.

The old one is running fine for the time being but in the future it is an option.