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some link with just a little bit of info on COD 4 if anybody is interested. Supposedly gonna be a video coming out this weekend, cant wait.

Another rumor that i heard thats not in that article is that theres gonna be like, (this is extremely far-fetched so im not sure...) a couple of parts you are going to be able to shoot off your opponent's face. i hope that means u can shoot off ears, and shoot out eyes. that would be hella tight.


and i do not have a freaky disturbing mind that dreams of shooting ppl's faces up


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Hmmmm, I don;t know what to think. This could be awsome, but it could turn out like a First to Fight or Global Conflict.
man i just got used to source :), and then the change it!!!! bloody hell fire


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genocider that is so funny cuz my friend said singleplayer sucked and multiplayer was awesome lol, yeah you never know


i really dont care for cod
I liked CoD, but soon returned to DoD.

I have an XBox but only my two boys play on it, so if CoD4 comes out only on XBox; forget it. If for PC too, I mgiht at least take a shot at it and see if it interests me. Still, I gave up CS to DoD when beta 1.3 was out and nothing has kept my attention the way DoD has, so my expectations aren't particularly high.


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i have CoD 3 :) but i never play it :(

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COD3 SP and MP werent all that great and MP you could blen in to the darkness if axis on some lvls so sometimes unfair or it coulda been from the TV i was using only the blue and green guns fired on then after i quit COD3 for the day and played GOW the red kicked in...suspecious....


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All cods are extremely boring the whole game is follow the compass and shoot anything that moves the only fun parts are the multiplayer but ive only played that on the 360 not on the comp
I loved COD1 and COD2. They weren't the most amazing games for advancing gameplay, but they were both memorable as good action rides, though it felt pretty on the rails. I didn't care for COD3 beyond it's decent multiplayer [Trenchgun FTW] but it wasn't really an improvement over COD2 at all other than slightly better tuned graphics and a physics engine. COD4 looks amazing though, It looks like some of the rails may be removed, though still providing one hell of an action trip.