What's your kill streak?


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Axis Donner

14-15 kills (killed same guy 7 times !grr )
Using MG42


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20 ish i think on ava cuz of my mg skills


26 and 1/2


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well, hmmm after all these high scores i feel bad posting my 7 kill streak number, so i wont.

plus its with a thompson i think, which is real skill...

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Donner: 8
Ava: 9 (But I have had 15:0....so that can't be right...)
And these are from psycho, where it says Hugo has 7 streak and Dye has 5....so what to believe :)


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haha dude, u think that hugo would have a massive killing streak of 7? or me of 5? lol, ive gone 74-8 on an mg, and 117-10 with me snipy arg