Pistol Whip (class or melee possibilty)


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I was hoping that maybe Steam (mostly DOD) can create a pistol class.
Like use a 30 calibur or maybe duelies or a Deagle
And if possible, use them as pistol whips, or melee hittin with pistols
I find it more fun to have a handgun fight, but seeing as DOD is WW2, they could have like double luggers(?) or double colt 45 and have the opting of them used as melee like the sub-machines
I think this would be a very cool class to have, since it requiers much skill to aim for a headshot with a pisto, let alone a rocket or a machine gunner.
Most soldiers didn't have pistols in WWII, so be thankful that they are even in the game.

A pistol whip could be interesting, but then that would probably just lead to adding more and more features to different weapons.

Instead, keep it simple and bring back some of the para weapons.
pistol whip could be really cool, but a lot more things they could improve besides that
yeah a pistol whip would be interesting instead of a knife. like if the character tossed the pitol up and grabbed the barrel of the pistol and just cracked the enemy over the head with the butt of the gun, that would be cool.
I would like to see a melee added to the pistol. I hate running low on ammo for it then not being able to do anything with it. Also, when u give ammo, give ammo to the pistol too, only way to get more is to die :(
Regarding ammo, I'd like to see something like this:

The player should be able to return to an ammo dump to get a reload and a separate aid station to get healed up. These two areas would be close to his spawn, and he would be prohibited from firing his weapon while being re-armed or healed. He can however be fired upon.

Re-arming - The act of re-arming would require that the soldier is completely out of ammo, and would take 2 seconds per magazine, to complete. The soldier would not be able to stop the re-arming process once it has started. All weapons are eligible for new ammo, and bazooka rounds are considered 1 magazine.

Healing Injuries

The act of healing would require that the soldier be at least 50% injured, and should probably take 1 second for every 5% of injury the player has. Because it's an aid station, the soldier would have to expend all of his ammo before he could start the healing process. Any hits he might receive while being healed would be reduced to 50% of their normal effect.

The arming restrictions would prevent people from just standing i the re-arm area and firing.

The healing restrictions would prevent people from running back to the spawn area whenever they just get a splinter in their finger. This would also force mg'ers to periodically move from their comfy position to return to spawn in order to re-arm.

I would have suggested having medic capabilities added to the support classes, but nobody would want to sit still long enough to provide aid during a firefight.
@BHS - It really annoys me not having a melee function to the pistol too. I frequently use my secondary weapon when rushing to continue firing when my main gun has finished its clip.

@Outlaw P - some kind of re-arming station would be great. I hate being mg and running low/out of ammo, screaming "I NEED AMMO" almost to the point of spamming and no-one pays any attention. But i would say no regaining of nades, This would definately lead to nade spamming which really isn't cool, its just bloody annoying.
Healing is also a bit iffy imo, i'd favour a MOH similar system where killed enemies drop canteens which replenish ~25% of your health. Having a healing area isnt a good idea imo.
i think they should add a BAYONET to the m1...that would be really cool

bayonets for m1 would require one for the k98, but i like te re-ammo station idea some1 posted up there

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