[poll] What's the best Donner strategy?


Hey all, I'm new so sorry if this is a dumb thread. Donner is pretty much my favorite map and I've often wondered what the best way to win is. It seems like the easiest way for allies to win, is post a machine gun on the wall of the right alley, 2 snipers in the allied sniper house, one machine gun on the axis cafe balcony, and most of the rest rushing left alley. Any thoughts? Or strategies for the axis?
Its all about how you coordinate with your team really, you have to play the map as it unfolds, nobody ever sets up the same way every time. Gotta roll with the punches.
statistically you can go to the homepage for the game and find win rates for either team. Donner is allied and Ava is axis
Allies definitely have the upper hand. Regardless of team positions, one allied soldier can push through the left and cap the last flags. It is harder for an axis player to do that, unless he gets lucky with the spawns.

Also, it is easier to clear the axis sniper house than it is to clear the allied sniper house.
i think a major part of winning is controlling the right field. They should almost have a flag there too. But as long as you have the field, you have the upper hand in the map. And since the allies have an easier job to cover the field, Allies have the upper hand.
I voted axis too

If germans can get their 2 mgs up on the hotel ( building looking at allied entrance to garden and when looking out, allied loft is to the right) they can bog down the allies so they cant even move.

IF the allies can get snipers into the cafe, which is very unlikely a LOT of the time, thanks to that pretty thing called an mg42, the allies MAY have a chance of winning.

When it comes down to defense, germans clearly win. If they set a sniper with both mgs in that house down their 2nd street, nothing, and I mean NOTHING can get past them :p

Allies, they have a much shorter route too attack their 2nd and 1st flags, terrain wise, in that the run is smaller. This is great for the attackers because they have shorter distance to run to get the flags. They also have the building thats near the flag that they can use to attack through.

and no, I didnt forget about left ally for germans. All it takes is 2 good men holding it with a kar09 and a stg44 for if they get close. If our two best men did that, we would camp till the end of time and not lose ;)
The MG's have to be mobile in order to be effective in a defensive role, especially if the allies are pushing hard enough to supress advancement by the assault/support trrops.

Watching what's happening on the map is the key. You can pretty much always determine where the allies are pushing the hardest and usually have enough time to setup a defensive position to thwart capture of the last two flags.

Your defensive posture (related to the use of the MG) also has to match the opposing players. I setup different depending who I think the next person is that's gonna come out of an ally and what I think they're going to do.

Being a MG'er isn't as easy as a lot of people think, and I've developed it almost to a science. :)
Id have to say axis. yes the allies can cover the field MUCH easier, but axis can push up the right side to the sandbag barrier by the sniper house, an mg there will be just as effective for axis as one in field for allies. But the deciding factor IMO is just what blackhawk said, axis can cover their 2nd much easier as they have the building by their 2nd flag to place snipers/mgs to cut off anyone coming from field, and also any allies using alleys (lol... after drinking that sounds funny :p )) who try to cap 1st then 2nd. they kill the guy trying to cap 2nd, spawning axis can cap 1st back (also axis have a house overlooking 1st to use if needed which the allies don't) So overall imo the axis have better defensive capabilities and offensive capabilities are equal. Allie sniper house might be bigger, but i find it easier to snipe ppl in it than from it. But again as a couple of you have said above it really depends on teamwork. I mean ava is a VERY axis biased map, but theres always plenty of allie wins. Teamwork > individual skills 8)
i say allies, cuz if the snipers are in 3 diff places its easier to shoot axis if they only have 2 good spots to snip from
Well if BigBird is on the US, then the US has the advangtage no matter wat. If slayr or tommy is playing, then who ever has them has te advantage.
Donner relies heavily on every type of class (maybe with the exception of rocket, though a good rocketer can make it work anywhere), and especially good MG placement (which is why I like the map so much).

In my MG experience, the Allies have a chokehold defensive position (I won't tell you where--my secret!) that the axis does not have, and hence, the allies can more easily absorb an axis attack. The Axis, meanwhile, have a superior sniping house (imo--more places to out-snipe the allies, despite it being more vulnerable) and easier ability to take the tank.

It's a toss up depending on the strengths of the team, imo, but teams being equal, the allies have an edge in positioning, and the ability to rout and flank the axis, that the axis does not have.