Just gotta love when PSU's fry

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Apparently about an hour after i got home today my power supply surged or fried for no reason (cool green, purple and orange sparks though...)
i have not tried OC anything and everything was plugged in correctly so hoping the warranty will allow me to get a replacement
so i might not be on for a while(again... :( ) until i can get a new one which will be in a week or so
This is the first tine any PSU has fried on me.... anyone else have one fry on them? (i rather not be alone lol)
scary... I would be worried about the rest of the components as well, personally I wouldn't be surprised if you are going to need some other new parts soon...

you know that all electronics run on magic smoke, and if you let it out they stop working... ;)
yeah ive smoked comps before but never fried so all i can tell is that the damage is mostly to the PSU from the smell, rest of components i think are fine but idk...

and this why you dont listen to some one in the room, aka my dad says why didn't you just restart it, well lets see for one sparks, two no power, three im not risking anything else, four you can smell the burnt electrical wiring
well 50 bucks and you can get another power supply.

and your dad should quit his computer repair career before he starts lol.

why buy when i can get it replaced because its defective...?

actually forgot to add its just he couldnt smell the electrical smoke from the PSU or see the sparks cause he wasnt home at the time
i've smelled them burn out...i've never seen any spark before, must have been pretty. was it a psu that came w/ the cpu/case? or one u bought?
yeah it was cool... it didnt come with the case bought it when i bought other components (i still use a case thats 5 years old tough though) it was working fine since i bought it in october
yea, I had a psu go out on me. Just recently too! I had an ultra 550 watt. In short, I didn't see any flames, but I sure could smell it! I replaced it with a 750 Watt silverstone, and it seems to be working fine for me. Its pretty quiet too. (knock on wood)
all i know is im still waiting for an RMA form but good news my nice 56K modem still works an isnt fried w00t go 56K "light speed" internet

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