have yet to see it too, same story as slavik, everyone had already seen it or wasnt old enough to get in...

but i heard the movie actually features those quake sounds...
i actually have the movie...heheheheh, what i didnt like about the movie was that THERE WAS BLOOD GUSHING EVERYWHERE...but there was NONE ON THE GROUND
Well It was boring at parts ... it was very good in the fight scenes. what i didnt like was the creatures if they kept it outta fantasy land it woulda been better.
That vid was nice.....though "headshot" When he clearly hit the hand xD
Yet to see this film....I'm just trying to get my army brother to buy it for me when it comes out on dvd in a couple of months :)
watched it last night and while the fight scenes were awesome, I felt the bits inbetween were a bit of a let down. Think i prefered gladiator/troy overall more than 300, but it was still well worth watching
i thought that 300 was incredible. i really liked the part where it keeps slowing down and speeding back up. it may not be that great story wise but for the camera effects, its very good.
The movie was awesome and everyone that complains about it not being realistic its not supposed to it written by Frank Miller, the guy that wrote sin city his stuff isnt suposed to be realistic
300 - Great comic
300 - Annoying movie

It wasn't necessarily 'bad' [it looked amazing, and like Sin City was fairly faithful] but the slow motion [About 65 minutes of it] annoyed the piss out of me.