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The following information is provided for those wishing to become a member of Edge Gamers:

1) Sign on to Post some information such as your real first name, age, location, occupation/student status in JohnT's Recruiting Forum, then wear the =(e)= tag in game. This will designate you as a Recruit. Play often so that our clan-mates can get to know you. Mature game play and knowing the eGO rules are mandatory.

2) In time, promotions to eG are made to deserving Recruits. With this comes limited admin abilities and more responsibility.

3) Further promotions, with more admin function and responsibility, to the eGO and Advisor level are also possible at the Council's discretion.

4) At the e, eG or eGO level you will be held to a higher standard than general non-clan members of the community. Play by the rules, watch your language and respect all other players.
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