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eGO Stats Info

  • Logs of 30 days are only compiled.

  • Stats will be compiled every day.

  • Flag caps make a large roll on "Skill" points.

  • Teamwork at middle flag creates more points for those individuals.

  • There are bonuses, weekly awards, top 10, KTD ratio, etc.

  • Everyday a player does not play, 3% of skill (points) is decreased.

  • Weapons are weighted. The heavier the weight of the weapon, the lower point score each kill is. This means that getting a pistol kill will get more points than getting a rifle kill. Getting a rifle kill will be more points than getting a rocket launcher kill.

  • Accuracy shows 100% - Nothing we can do about this until Valve patches log output. An AMX plugin does fix this but will never be installed on this server.

  • Commands in the server at this moment are "stats" and "mystats". Please allow about 5 seconds for the web page to refresh. The last compile time is listed on the top right corner of the banner with date and time.

  • Kills mean little for stats if you are not capturing flags, and the weapons you use also effect your points. All in all, there is a lot more than just a kill to death ratio.

  • The page is updated every morning @ 5-6am cst.

5-22-07 Update May 27th
- All stats are currently being worked on. Personal stats will change. Updates will come shortly and questoins answered. Stats on all three servers reset
Please note that stats are still being wonky and therefore are being reset using only a few days worth of log files. Once we have all the issues worked out, [dgx] will compile 30 days worth of logs.

if i only use 1 IP address, but it says i have used others, does it mean some1 else has hacked into my computer from somewhere else and is playing as me?