need help with older computer...


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i have two computers one is new and the other is what i need help with
its a old dell that came with windows 98 i got an xp disk and updated it to xp but i did nothing else to the computer, but downloaded steam, TS, xfire and IE. if i have the IE running by itself its really slow and i can't run steam at all. here is some info i have:
its a Dell Windows 98 2nd addition
and anything that came with those ( don't really know whats inside it)
Intel/inside Pentium 3
its old and dusty and i start a computer class next year (building and taking apart computers)
but i would like it to have it working by this summer
so i can play on this computer and so my parents do have to beg to get thier computer lol.

if you have any ideas of what i can do to get it better please tell
thanks !lol
if ur not looking to upgrade too much, just improve speed, the memory is prolly all you need to do

i talked to my dad and he said that the best thing to do is take off any large programs that might be running in the background such as anti-virus and replace them with free ones that wont take up as much memory. also, if you have a lot of extra hardware that you are not using or dont need, unplug those (such as extra hard drives). thats the best i can think of
It is very unlikely that you will be able to run any source games on that rig, you might be able to play dod:classic, and other pre-source engine games but in order to upgrade it enough to be able to play source engine games, you could make a better computer new for cheaper.
P3??? thats a lil old to run source games but either upgrade that as much as possible and/or ram and/or video card plus if need the power supply
awesome PIII man, must have cost you a pretty penny lol. Umm yeah, mostly what everyone esle is sayin, i suggest getting a new motherboard. Comes with processor, and you can use an itegraded chipset (sucks) but im sure it is better than what you have in it now. Btw the chip is the grahpics card, but the chips arnt that bad. Just not going to match to a 7900 or anything. New power supply!
I agree. That system is probably too old to play any newer games on. Your best bet is just build a new system if you want to play games. However, it would be an awesome Linux box. :)
ok i found some info about this old computer:
Intel Pentium III: 933 MHz
Installed System Memory: 256 MB SDRAM
System Memory Speed: 133 MHz
AGP Aperture : 64 MB
CPU Speed: Normal (what ever normal is?)
Bus Speed: 133 MHz
Clock Speed: 933 MHz
Cashe Size: 256 KB
Hard Drive Capacity: 20,000 MB
Yeah....I wouldn't put too much hope into that computer. If your going to spend a lot of money on it you woud be better off just getting a new computer for 300. I usually try the most economical solution for computers like yours: One that will fix it fast and, most importantly, CHEAP. Check tigerdirect; they seem to have OEM's out the yahzooo. Other than that, you could also check ebay and newegg. *iF the case and motherboard is standard atx, you could just switch out the mobo like other people have been saying. You can get some really good combos. Just one last bit of advice. DO NOT GET A MOTHERBOARD WITH AGP!!!!! You will be caught in a VERY VERY unfortunate situation. Even if PCI-E is a little more expensive is is well worth it; you will not have to upgrade devices on an interface that is dying fast. :O