Random song me and a freind me (still workin on it) made up.

ok well, this is a song me and my freind made hope you like.

Word out to my homie G's, I just got a killing spree. Now I'm ranked number 1, it's time to have some fun. There go's Rich for the flag, OH freak, he got fraged. So, there's a sniper aimen at my head and i don't know what to do, all i got are my smg's times 2. I throw a nade in the air now he can't see, so i shoot him in the head, face turnen red, YEA man, he's dead. So, i bust in the club, shooten all them ex-homie G's, I grab their frags, shoot them in the back, blow all the freakers back.

Aight, ya see, I was runnen to the flag,a turret shooten at my back, so I aim through the sites shooten all day and night!
yea, we were in a very boring class, with a retarted teacher.

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Good song...better that what I can make.


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lol now you just need some beats :)
lol, yea that could work out.


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Write one about me, but leave off, "blow all the freakers back". ;-)