Lately, I've been trying to get better at the rifle on DOD:S, but i just can't match up to some of the othere players. It seems like they shoot 10 rounds in a second, but it takes me for ever. Why can they shoot so fast, and how do they get headshot after headshot. HELP PLZ?!?!?!? PRIDE IS 4EVER!
Well, you have to assume where evvery1 is. And people stop for merel half a second to prime themselvs then run back and forth. Good strategy cuz otherteam frantizes when that happens
I hate rifle...because I'm bad with it, but everyone else seems good.
I use the axis rifle from time to time...4 days ago had 77:4....after that only had something like 20:45...so it's random how I do :)
try not scoping with the kar, and the reason everyone else seems like they are using a semi auto, is because they most likely are. The Garand
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hey s71k3r, i started to actually stay still when i shot with the rifle, and i saw a great inprovement. Thx, for the post.

yw, priming yourself for a mere half second can be very helpful
Well gentlemen. what i've noticed is with the garand if you aim at the upper chest (right below neck) it gets a headshot = 1shot kill with the kar98...just shoot em in the chest or neck or head and they die lol. or with the kar98 with lay down and use the iron sights for about 3/10 second then shoot. the rifle calms down and becomes accurate. (i've learned this from testing)
what i do is just move the crosshairs and click as they pass over ur target, dont try to stop and take ur time unless ur absolutely sure that you wont get shot in the process
all is i can say is what they said take half a sec shoot then move wuickly to get outta line of fire make sure there is cover around you
When the m1 is reggin, I love it. But alot of times it just aint hitting on yall's servers. Yesterday I couldnt hit the side of a barn with the m1, but joined axis and started owning with the karr. Lately the karr has been regging pretty sick, so I've been improving my shot with it.
I like the Gerand and the K98. They each have their strong advantages. For the Gerand to be effective and easy, use it while crouching or proning. even crouching for a second or so will highly improve the accuracy. Also, the Gerand ironsights are easier to see through than the K98. Headshots are a sinch when you aim while laying down.
Lastly, my advice is that there are like 8 crosshair choices for you to use when not in ironsight mode that is in the center of your screen. I use the one that is a little X . It is very skinny and accurate for any weapon, especially the rifles. :D
I have nice skins for both guns.

for m1 garand it has a square "holo laser" sight with a circle and cross laser cross hair zoomed in.

kar 98 has a simple circle red dot scope.

takes away all the clutter of iron sights :)