Ranks (Updated)


I had an idea after playing BF2 for 6 hrs straight. It would be interesting if we had martial ranks (such as Pvt. or Col.) that meant absolutely nothing, but maybe had to do with skill/experience. NO GIVING ORDERS TO INFERIOR RANKS!!!! An example tag would look like "=(eG)= Maj. CRASH_OVERRIDE". I understand if the council feels that this is inappropriate, but in my mind this is just for fun. Since I don't want to create a ton of work for you eGO's, I'd be willing to compile stats and keep track of ranks myself. Heres my "alpha" list of ranks and meanings, feel free to offer suggestions or call me an idiot if need be.

=(e)= attainable ranks, Tier 1:
Private (Pvt.) - new recruits automatically get this rank upon joining
Private First Class (PFC.) - recruits attain this rank on their 3rd day
Corporal (Cpl.) - recruits become this rank after a week of being in the clan

=(e)= attainable ranks, Tier 2.1 (must be Cpl. to advance):
Sergeant (Sgt.) - This is awarded after 500 kills total
Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) - This is awarded after 1000 total kills
Master Sergeant (MSgt.) - This is awarded for 1500 total kills

=(e)= attainable ranks, Tier 2.2 (must be Cpl. to advance):
First Sergeant (1Sgt.) - This can be given by any eG or eGO to honor maturity
Sergeant Major (Sgt. Maj.) - Requires 1Sgt and 1000 total kills

=(eG)= attainable ranks, Tier 1 (no rank required):
Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) - no prerequesites other than eG
First Lieutenant (Lt.) - This is awarded for 2 weeks of eG

=(eG)= attainable ranks, Tier 2.1 (must be Lt. to advance):
Captain (Cpt.) - This is awarded for 2,500 total kills
Major (Maj.) - This is awarded for 5,000 total kills

=(eG)= attainable ranks, Tier 2.2 (must be Lt. to advance):
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.) - This can be given by any eGO to honor maturity
Colonel (Col.) - Lt. Col. and 7,500 total kills

=(eGO)= attainable ranks, Tier 1 (no rank required):
Brigadier General (Brig. Gen.) - no prerequesites other than eGO
Major General (Maj. Gen.) - This is awarded for 1 month of eGO

=(eGO)= attainable ranks, Tier 2 (no rank required):
Lieutenant General (Lt. Gen.) - Clan Advisor
General (Gen.) - Council Member
Well, I already consider myself an Admiral (hehe). As much fun as this would be, I think it would probably just lead to confusion and hurt fealings. Cool idea though.
sounds good n all but i agree with wakka and plus some people have SGT or PVT in their name like john_b or some other people so sorta wierd seeing i.e. :
Lt. Pvt. John_Bonham
I like the idea but like some people said, people already have that kind of rank like Pvt. John Bonham. I appreciate that you will manage it, but no its too confusing... !sad
I doubt it would happen in this clan. Rank structure would be cumbersome, and the less mature might cause problems. The current system works fine.
Wow, you put a lot of thought into that idea Crash. It would probably work great for a much smaller clan. You've offered to take the job, but I think it would break anyone's back to keep up with.

As has been said, some already have ranks in their names. Others won't want to add the rank. So, I think we'll have to pass on the idea.

Thanks for taking the time to bring it to us.
you know that have tier 5 now. and like you had to have about 285703218457174gold for tier 4 that is now useless because of bc
heh, I would be a Lieutenant Colonel .

I played BF2 alot this weeked. first time since Katrina. What server did you play on Crash? All I was getting were Asian servers and it did not look like my stats were upgradeing although I was playing only on ranked servers.
You guys are saying pretty much what I expected, so I came up with a new system to avoid confusion and hurt feelings!!

Also, I'd like to point out that not everyone would use my system, so it wouldn't be too much work. I am willing to keep track of 50 people max, by request, rank has priority. PM me if you want me to put you in the system IF this plan gets approved or at least ok'd for a group of people.

To avoid confusion, I propose adding (r) to the end of a tag to signify that my system is being used. For example, I might be =(eG)= Col. CRASH_OVERRIDE (r).

To avoid hurt feelings, heres my new, purely statistical based system.

Private (Pvt.) - 0-99 total kills on servers
Private First Class (Pfc.) - 100-249 total kills
Corporal (Cpl.) - 250-499 total kills
Sergeant (Sgt.) - 500-749 total kills
Staff Sergeant (SSgt.) - 750-999 total kills
Master Sergeant (MSgt.) 1000-1499 total kills
Sergeant Major (Sgt. Maj.) 1500-1999 total kills

This is as far as e's can advance (this position is open for discussion)

Second Lieutenant (2Lt.) - 2000-2999 total kills
First Lieutenant (Lt.) - 3000-3999 total kills
Captain (Cpt.) - 4000-4999 total kills
Major (Maj.) - 5000-6499 total kills
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col.) - 6500-7999 total kills
Colonel (Col.) - 8000-9999 total kills

This is as far as eG's can advance (this position is open for discussion)

In my opinion, ranks should just stop here, but I came up with some options for eGO ranks

Option 1:
All eGO's are just General (Gen.)

Option 2:
Regular eGO's are Brigadier Generals (Brig. Gen.), clan advisors are Major Generals (Maj. Gen.), and Council Members are full Generals (Gen.)

Option 3:
eGO's can be whatever rank they want

Option 4:
Brigadier General (Brig. Gen.) - 10,000-19,999total kills
Lieutenant General (Lt. Gen.) - 20,000-34,999 total kills
Major General (Maj. Gen.) - 35,000-49,999 total kills
General (Gen.) - 50,000+
It's nice idea, but I don't know. Why only accept 50...if we would have this and like 60 people wanted...how do you pick who get it?