Where did BigBird, WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA, revelations(uk), etc. GO??!


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Seriously, when i bought DoD i saw this server first and went on it right away. I durung that time, WAKKA and Bigbird were very active. Revelations came after but now they're ALL GONE. Anyone who has info on this plz tell me. I would love to know 8)
School work has come first for me. I'm still active on the forums, and my last final is on Wednesday! Expect to see me a lot more around then!!!


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!amazed Hope to see you soon WAKKA. Remember to join allies and rush their butts on (along with our famous rusher slayr) 8)


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i see revelations on sometimes, mostly during the early afternoon since there is a 5-8 hour time difference between the US and UK
yeh the time difference does suck a bit. If i want to play with quite a few ppl from the clan i have to come on ~1-3am our time. At least when I play normal time over here I always get a spot on the servers as im usually one of the very first ppl on them :) its great that they're full later on, but when i want to play, waiting for a spot sucks !


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I'm here, been a lot of crap to deal with lately... had to deal with drama classic dod so I decided to take a break for a while... then when I decided to come back, we lost internet for 3 days. Once it came back up(friday) I went out of town for a couple of days just to get out of here and release some stress. I'm back now but I am in the same boat as WAKKA, finals for me are in 2 weeks so my main focus for a little while will be school. When I do come on the server now it is for 30 minutes to an hour. I am still alive nonetheless


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school FTW!!!
hmm is it possible to have a life and still play dod? That is the question.

Yes - and that's why I'm so mellow and easy-going. :)