Zelda fans create 30th anniv. browser game


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lol rip it got taken down


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Nintendo doesn't play around with stuff like that.

Also, cool points to the dude who put the link to TD tribute on the page.

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Wish I had a chance to check it out =/

Well, I would have linked you the Cinemassacre video of them playing it so you could have seen it in action, but apparently that as well was taken down.

I got a chance to play it yesterday and cleared all 3 dungeons that were available at the time, and while fun (I absolutely love the old 8-bit graphics games tweaked to run in 3D, they have this kickass living diorama vibe to them) I disliked the perspective of it as it was really easy to unwittingly get hit by enemies. It was fairly faithful though, despite the fact that it seemed a little easier to dodge Aquamentus' fireballs for some reason. Like they were a little bit slower or something.

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There are a couple youtube videos out there showing gameplay still =) Wish I could have seen the cinemassacre one tho. Always enjoy Mike and James' videos.

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HAH! Figured my browser cache probably hadn't been cleared yet and found it in their "extras" channel from my history! I'll just link it since some of their stuff can be a wee bit strong in the language obviously for here. XD

[ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN7nrMC99QA"]Mike Plays[/ame]


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LOL, seems Nintendo is still in the dark age with all the take downs and DMCA notices people have gotten...

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And disappointingly-amusingly my initial thought on the Cinemassacre video has come true and it has been taken down by them.