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Everyone knows that to be a good sniper you have to super snipe. Basically, all super sniping is, taking about half a second to shoot and kill, on the first shot. And I'm here to give you tips on how to do this.
First: Get good at peeking around a corner, with out being shot at.
2nd: Practice at no-scoping, this skill will help you to get your barrel close to your targets body, so you won't have to take time on scoping.
3rd: DON'T take your time, shoot as fast as possible.
4th:One shot, One kill, DO NOT miss your first shot, if you do, you'll give your self away, and risk being shot.
If you take all these skills, you should one day be a great sniper. PRIDE IS 4EVER!!!
good ideas. ill spare you next time ur name is in my crosshairs....maybe not but still, nice guide heres the 5th tip: mostly never snipe in obvious places...unless theres an mg and u need to show him./her up.
well heres my way of doing it !dodge
1st:point your sniper to the position of the enemy , helps you kill em faster instead of moving your mouse across the whole screen
2nd: try to hit them with 1 shot and AIM*should only take a quarter second to put the cross-hair on them
3rd:if you want to reload quickly instead of manually DOUBLE_TAP Q!!!!this will give you much need time to shoot them if you missed because it gives you a half more second then the regular way of reloading by itself
4th:no-scoping is not easy, so wait a half second so the recoil can adjust or calculate how the bullet is going to land if you want to do it right away.
5th: get handy with your pistol and know how to strafe from side to side while keeping your cross-hair on the enemy,more on his head.
and 6th:keep a positive attitude, a negative attitude will cause frustration and deaths, calm yourself when using sniper*or any gun* and keep thinking you can kill him, do that and you'll get more kills whiling plummeting the opponent;s self-confidence in his/herself, that is , if you kill em constantly, then the whole team will go suicidal to try to find you, this is when you need to get more cautious and not to confident or you'll sen your score plummeting.
well thats bout all i can offer and GL :D
[quote1177903091=Hugo Maximus]
to c super sniping just spec me and u will learn all there is abput sniping. simply put 8)
true you and dye and someone else but dont know who...
My way is to not think, and just do. Aim just a little in front of them before you scope, then pull the trigger. Its hard at first, but then you get the feel for it, and its like second nature.
Those arent just tips for being a sniper. those are tips for any weapon class minus the one hit part. If you want to learn to be a good/great sniper just talk to me, ill show you what you need to do and how to go about it. Although I haven't played much lately,I'm still pretty deadly with a Springfield
Tell us Dye :)
I have no secrets....or do I?
I like the tips, nothing new though...still can't own Dye or Hugo, but others are going down soon :)
ha bigbird isnt so bad, and its fun to shoot jman as he runs, seein him fly back from the force of the bullet buahaha
It is another story Jman, your right. Donner is MY house

in which you let only SOME people in
TO be a good sniper is to change Positions constantly. even the best sharpshoots get show down soon if they dont keep themself invisable.

Anyway you dont need a fansy scope to do that !

Pick up a k98 or m1 Grande :p you now what im talking about :D
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