eG/eGO scrim success!!!


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Odvios succes. I do so declare that the first eGO vs. eG scrim had been done and was complete fun! I love this clan... It seemed both clan members were equily skilled. good job everyone!
Big C shoulda helped u guys BIG TIME he's awesome on sneaking up on allies and rushing the flags
We lost! But it didn't count. We were missing JohnT! Where were you bro???

Great turn-out everyone. What a blast!
I am horribly depressed I could not attend. I had to fill out some last minute documents so I can go to college next year and I lost my passphrase...(stil havent found it) to get it I have to send photo ID SS numbers my mother's maiden name etc..... But I see the EGS dominated like I knew they would. Back to my panic attack
Awww...I really wish I could've been there guys. Oh well, maybe over the summer we could hold one (I don't really mind what time as long as it does not impact on school, I really need to get studying for my exams).

Nice to hear the eG mopped the floor with eGOs :D
It was 4am when it was yeah...I made it for 15 mins xD
It was fun...and I was sleepy and left in the hopes of JohnT or Moe getting on :) I remember us doing ok when I could be lose xD