Check These guys out....frikking FANTASTIC !


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If there are any rockers out there of all ages, you are going to LOVE this !!! Echoes of Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper.

Band name is My Chemical Romance

[link=] Click here and .... wow !!!! [/link]

First time I heard it I got goosebumps!
I HATE emo music

yeah me and dye we don't roll that way jk %-6
yeah i used to be really big into these guys a couple years ago i saw them play with greenday their new stuff is great though and its getting alot of air time on the radio so good for them!
My chem is so siiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!!! as a fan for a few years now and knowing that thier "three cheers For sweet revenge" album became a musical play, i must say that this last album "The Black Parade" is an immaculate depiction of death and its journey........ so emo :(

And we will send you reeling from decimated dreams
Your misery and hate will kill us all
So paint it black and take it back
Lets shout it loud and clear
Do you fight it to the end
We hear the call to
[ these lyrics found on ]
To carry on
We'll carry on
Though your dead and gone believe me Your memory will carry on
We'll carry on
And though you're broken and defeated You're weary widow marches on
O and im going to their concert thats up in St. Pete its gonna rock its the same place where I saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gnarls Barkley
JMAN said...


I HATE emo music

yah me and dye dont roll that way jk %-6

Yah sorry guys but thats not that emo I live in South Florida and we have some uber-emo kids and bands down here so thats just scratching the surface of emo the really emo stuff is scary
As clasified by friends as a "emo guy" I will say this
Emo is not a fashion its a state of mind
bucsfan148 said "I live in South Florida " Im from P town aka (pembroke pines in broward county) but originally from......, HIALEAH!!!!!!!!! (its a dade thing)
ok..... yeah im with dye and jman, im not saying they are emo, just a little weird, and they were nothing like the rock gods of black sabbath and alice cooper! or AC/DC
oh man i cant stand that band...ever since that first song of theirs came out a couple years ago....ugh
i respect your opinion though. were all entitled to different tastes :)
i dont really care for their music i like for of classic rock of acdc, led zepplin, rolling stones, pink floyd, bands like them
I don't like MCR at all mainly due the fact that I can't stand the way their lead singer sings. I will say this though, they are dang good musicians and their songs are very catchy. They've also got some good videos too. "The ghost of you" is good.