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THere once was a guy named =(eGO)= Revelations (UK) who played on Donner.
One time today, around 5:30, a buncha clan members and non clan members met him
They all came to him at the bunker sand bag at 2nd Axis. With there mad shovels in hand, they wacked him in the back. It all ended with an =(e)= wiping 4 of the shovelers out


(for those who knew what happened today, Dogmite, BlackHawk, and others who participated)
aww man i missed it lol
feel sorry for ya revelations

@ and for the shovelers who got wasted by that =(e)= never bring a shovel to a gun fight !grr
lol that was...HILARIOUS. i was behind that =(e)= and i chucken a nade....only killed me but that was hilarious lol

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