What's up with the STATS?


Anyone else notice that the stats are a little.... something?

Looking at the Donner stats for April, I won 3/4 weeks for most kills. Two weeks I averaged about 2,500 kills... the last week I killed 15,000. That's a little too much even for me.

Though I appreciate and like stats, it doesn't seem like they're very accurate.

Anyone else notice this?
yes i have. whenever i kill someone with mp44 it shows 2 times sometimes. not that i dont like getting an extra kill but...still its kidna odd lol
I brought this up a week or so ago.

It looks like psychostats is reading records from the database multiple times. Not advancing the database cursor? Not clearing a returned record set? Not returning a valid recordset? Who knows?
aww man that means that my punch kills are innacurate... oh vell i shant be sad but i shall continue placing mine fist into the nostrils of the nublets (very tired 3 in the morning tests and essays incomplete)
:) Glad to see other people noticing this. I'll stop watching my stats now and start playing more....or something like that . :)
ok guys, this is a 6 day re-occurring question. Please use the search function and type in STATS. I have been covering this subject for the past 9 months with the same answers for the most part.

I am well aware of the problem and have been looking into it. Weather its statsme_minimun output, bad MYSQL user tables, physcostats misreading, corrupted cron job file transfer, ect.

To do this I have to start with the log files. The log files are not small text templates. They are 10 - 15 megs each of text. I need to compare output with Avalanche and then work from there.

This is not a fun process. This does not happen overnight with a quick fix so please be patient.

I have been very busy with a new job and with the new baby, time is even more short. Now I am mostly doing updates on the weekends, usually on Sundays.

To alleviate some questions about the server/website/technical/ect., I am going to be placing a small page on the server with a hotkey which gives updates for the near future or thinking of. This will also have server schedules of downtime, ect so everyone is on the same page. I will post about that sometime this weekend with instructions on how to access it.

Until then, just hang in there.
Sorry Kendle. I hadn't seen the previous posts when I made mine. I believe you when you say it's no fun to read through 15 megs of text.

Thanks for answering my question and I appreciate all the work you put in.
Yea..yea...According to the stats, I have 292 headshots with the M1 Gerand alone, but only 251 kills with it!!! That's messed up.

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