need a little help

for some reason when i try to get onto the forums it takes like 5 mintues to load one page. im using firefox and ive tried other browsers to see if that was the problem. its not and ive finally figured out its my wireless connection. if i connect directly to the router i can load a page in no time but while using my wireless its painfully slow. i dont know a whole lot about routers and wireless stuff so if anyone can help me i would love anything. since i cant really view this could you please try to contact me through xfire thesnake2121 if you can help me. thanks if you can help me and if you cant dont worry about it.


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wat router do u have, if u have linksys or netgear, i mite help. and try not dohave other windows oen or have anything running or downloading, since bandwith will cuz a major problem


I had this problem with my Netgear router. I downloaded the new firmware for the router and it now works great.