Tuesday Night's Game


Thread Junky
tonights game was hands down the best DoD game i have ever played. i didnt have the best score but you could not ask for more even teams. i played for about an hour and a half an only went through one the very end of one round, one full and at least 30-45 minutes of another. that is why i love the EGO servers. you cant set up games like that on purpose. thank you EGO.
Thanks for hanging out with us Wanderer. We wouldn't have some of the most popular servers on the net without guys like you.
One time there were like 4 or five of us allies in donner waiting in a german sniper house and then trihard said to rush the flags. In response we had like 10 guys goin for flags. Couldn't ask for better teamwork but that only happens a few times when I play.