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Since we had an interesting talk about the band my chemical romance I thought I would start a thread to see what kinda music you all listen so list your 3 favorite bands or singers of all time I guess I'll be going first

1.Stick to Your Guns
2.As I lay dying
3.Smokey Robinson


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1. brand new
2. circa survive
3. Thursday

i have to many fav. bands but those are what i'm listening to right now if you've never heard of them i highly recommend you check them out


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1.In Flames

hope this thread also doesnt become another huge debate thread ;)


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At The Throne of Judgment sounds wicked sick and drop dead gorgous is a pretty cool band..........toothpaste you can never go wrong with Guns N roses


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1. brand new
2. brand new
3. circa survive


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1. Bane
2. Redshift
3. JohnT


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those are some wierd bands artimus ;)

Blazing Heat

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1. Something finnish
2. Something which is finnish but the song is english
3. Some new band :)

Anything works except country.

This reminds me of a real thing that happened on F1 in 1999 when Salo drove with a Ferrari and Hakkinen on Mclaren and they were the leading drivers on Germany Hockenheim.
There was a sign that said

Nr1: Mika
Nr2: Mika
Nr3: Who cares?

I was so bad in english and asked that year watching the race from my big brother: "Kuka on (who is) who cares?" xD


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1. council
2. Bane
3. tie between Tech and Kaos :)
1. The Offspring (mmh, The Offspring)
2. Johnossi (swedes!)
3. Souldrainer