New server new game?


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I was just wondering most of you might not know this but im sure someone does I was wondering if you guys are planning on getting another server in a different game? or are you just going to be sticking to this game
This is a DoD:S clan only, are i believe that it will always be that way. If we were to get out there in another game, it woulld spread our admins out and thin the population of the clan and we would eventually fall apart. Plus, its anpther chunk out of John, and Art's wallets. Unless we recruit more and more people and donate much more than we do, i dont think that it will be very likely.
yeah i think people have said something like this before, but so i have been told is what dye said
Well goin into other games isn't so bad but like Dye said it's all about $$$. I don't know if we can other MAPS in DoD:S without paying money bu if it was free I would highly suggest it. 8)
Yeah, I second that. If its free, then I think it would be awesome to have another map. But I don't really know anything about the personal finances of the clanmembers here. I have no right to complain.
i could make a server if someone gave me a good computer with a dual core prossecor i know how to set a server up with my eyes closed

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