[poll] What kind of music do you like

I went with hard rock since you said you liked metal im sure that pertains to all sorts of metal like hardcore and stuff like that....but the other choices are good too I am a well rounded person I think the only music I cant stand is when guys sound like girls and the girly screamo music
Anything and everything. Lets put it this way:

I've got 6 cd's in my stereo here at work - Willie Nelson, SRV, Metallica, The Pixies, and Ramones. Plus, I've got some Rise Against, Pennywise, Killswitch Engage, and No Doubt sitting in the cases next to my stereo.
Metallica, Rammstein, Techno, Classic Rock, Metal, Orchestral...
I love rock! However, to be frank, I do not listen too much to it. I listen more to sountrack music such as John Williams and Danny ELfman. I also like alot of classical- but nothing earlier than 1750. I tend to lean towards the Romanticist style of classic music. As for Jazz, its my absolute Favorite. Chuck Magionie, Chris Botti, and Kenny G are a blast. Surprisingly, I actually like alot of folk songs, and have taking a liking to Celtic Music ( I don't really know why)

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