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hello all i was just wondering with the upcomming season almost here and preseason here and all who everyones fav. nfl team is and who they think will win it this year. I lovvvvvvvve the falcons their my teammm and they would be mad sick of vick would just learn to pass the ball a little better. what everyone else think?
Starting to like football a little more now that I understand the rules a little better. I like the Panthers. I got to go to a few of there games last year.
oh tom brady is madddddddddd sick i started liking them in the playoffs last year. i hattttte the panthers i live in north carolina so everyone suddenly loved them here when they almost won that one year. ive always loved the falcons even tho they had a bad season last year.
Cowboys are going to win it all this year :)

The only team with a chance to beat them is the Panthers.
COWBOYS all the way. im pretty sure ownes is gunna mature as a person and will help the team a great deal. he also opens up the running game for julius jones (if he stays healthy) and terry glenn will see more one on one and hopefully catch a few long passes. if their o-line stays healthy and is good then i think dallas or the panthers will win the NFC... well i could talk about football forever but ill stop now.
RIGHT ON CHIEF! PATRIOT'S PRIDE! I'm a diehard Pats fan and they're gonna sweep the preseason WIN IT ALL AGAIN! Chief, what state do you live in? Massachusetts for me, so of course I'm also a diehard Redsox fan as well :p
hey noxus. FALCONS BEAT PATS IN PRESEASON OPENER ohhhhh yes what sonnnnn so much for that sweeeep huh. ewwwww i HATE the redsox im a die hard braves fan even tho their not good this year.
I'm from Philadelphia, so I am die hard Eagles for life. But this year in the madden challenge (which I go to every year) I am going to be the panthers. Their season is really looking good for them this year. Maybe another SuperBowl? Who knows? :p
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